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VPC is a World Class supplier of machined parts and complex assembly work. We have the manufacturing experience, tools and knowledge to produce product from simple details to complete kitted assemblies. Our progressive shop culture consistently provides a high value add + low risk solution to meet customer requirements.


CNC Machining Centers, Vertical

  • 3-5 Axis

  • Dual Pallet

  • Travels are 50”-X, 20”-Y, 25”-Z

  • 12,000 RPM

  • 30 HP

  • Wireless Intuitive Probing System

  • Trak FHM7 Bed Mill (Travels are 60.0”-X, 23.0”-Y, 20.5”-Z)

CNC Turning Centers

  • Live Tooling

  • Diameter 24.5″

  • Length 55.0″

  • 2,400 RPM

  • 40 HP

  • Auto Bar-Feed


Aluminum (5052,6013,6061,7075 & 7150), Stainless Steel (17-4 & Nytronic 60), Carbon, Titanium, Delrin and Brass


Plate, Sheet, Bar, Tubing, Rod, Extuded Shapes, Die Forgings and Castings